SweepSnake™ The Natural Way to Avoid Snake Bites

Every year snake bite cases happen across the country. They can happen in rural areas like farms and cowsheds as well as in urban areas like garden, offices and go-downs. Snakes can trouble humans in a variety of ways like,


  1. Venomous Snakebites: Certain species of snakes are venomous and their bites can be fatal or cause serious health complications.

  2. Fear and phobia: Many people have a fear of snakes, which can cause anxiety and stress, especially in areas where snakes are common.

  3. Damage to crops and livestock: Snakes can cause damage to crops and livestock, leading to economic losses for farmers.

  4. Property damage: Snakes may enter homes, buildings, or vehicles in search of shelter, causing damage and creating a nuisance.

  5. Transmission of Diseases: Some species of snakes can carry and transmit diseases, such as salmonella and leptospirosis to humans.

  6. It is important to remember that not all snakes are dangerous, and many species actually play an important role in controlling pests and maintaining ecological balance. However, it is always important to be cautious around snakes and seek medical attention if bitten by a venomous species.

How many People Die due to Snake Bite Every Year?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), snakebites cause an estimated 2.7 million cases of envenomings (poisoning from snake venom) each year, resulting in between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths annually. However, these numbers are difficult to accurately determine, as many cases go unreported, particularly in rural areas with limited access to healthcare. Snakebite deaths are most common in Africa, Asia, and South America, where access to antivenom and healthcare is limited.  

Where Snake Bites Happen Most?

Snake bites are most common in rural areas of tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in Africa, Asia, and South America, where many venomous species of snakes are found. In these areas, people often work outdoors in agriculture, forestry, and fishing, and are more likely to come into contact with snakes. Additionally, access to healthcare and antivenom is often limited in these regions, making snakebites more dangerous. However, snakes are found all over the world, and bites can occur anywhere there are venomous species present. It is important to take precautions such as wearing protective clothing and shoes in areas where snakes are known to be present.  

How to Avoid Snake Bites?


Here are some tips to avoid snake bites:

  1. Wear protective clothing: When hiking or working in areas where snakes may be present- Wear long pants, boots, and thick socks to reduce the chance of a bite.

  2. Watch where you step: Look ahead and watch where you're stepping to avoid stepping on or near snakes. Avoid walking through tall grass or brush where snakes may be hiding.

  3. Use caution near water: Snakes may be near water sources so be extra cautious when swimming, wading, or fishing.

  4. Keep a safe distance: If you see a snake, keep a safe distance and do not try to handle or approach it.

  5. Keep your home and yard clean: Keep grass trimmed, remove debris and clutter from around your home, and seal any gaps or holes in your walls or foundation to reduce the chances of snakes entering your home or yard.

  6. Use caution at night: Snakes may be more active at night, so use caution and carry a flashlight if you need to be outdoors in the dark.

  7. Remember, not all snakes are dangerous and many species play an important role in controlling pests and maintaining ecological balance. However, it is important to be cautious and respectful of all wildlife, including snakes.

  8. Spray or treat the area with organic snake repellents available in the market.

Disadvantages of Chemicals Applied for Snake Control:



Use of chemical pesticides is not advisable for snake control since they kill the snake. There are several disadvantages of using chemicals to control snakes:

  1. Environmental damage: The use of chemical pesticides can have negative effects on the environment, including soil and water pollution, harm to non-target organisms, and disruption of ecological balance.

  2. Health risks: Chemical pesticides can pose health risks to humans and other animals that come into contact with them, including skin irritation, respiratory problems, and more serious health issues with long-term exposure.

  3. Ineffective: Chemical pesticides may not always be effective in controlling snake populations, especially in areas with dense vegetation or multiple habitats. Snakes may also develop resistance to certain chemicals over time.

  4. Costly: The use of chemical pesticides can be expensive, especially if it requires frequent application or if specialized equipment is needed.

  5. Ethical concerns: The use of chemicals to control snakes can raise ethical concerns about the treatment of animals and the impact on ecosystems.

Overall, the use of chemicals to control the snakes is generally not recommended, and alternative methods, such as habitat modification, exclusion, and the use of natural repellents, should be considered first.  

There is an environment friendly alternative to avoid snake presence around you and your property. Sweep Snake™ is an organic snake repellent which repels snakes effectively. It is prepared from medicinal plant extracts which is safer for human and pets. Sweep Snake™  can be applied around homes, garden, agriculture, storage places, cowsheds, schools, offices and places which needs to be protected from snakes. The active ingredients from Sweep Snake™ deters snake and keeps it away from the area to be protected. Sweep Snake™ doesn’t kill snakes, it just repels them. This helps to keep snake population intact and bring environmental balance.  

As you are aware that use of chemicals for snake repellent can cause poisoning to children or pets due to accidental exposure. In case of Sweep Snake™ there is no possibility of poisoning, since Sweep Snake™ is 100% natural in nature.  

Sweep Snake™ is quite popular and used in various countries due to its usability, efficacy and safety.  It is easy to use. It comes in two forms- Granule and liquid form. You can choose the products according to your need and ease. The Sweep Snake™ granules can be directly applied to the area to be protected. The liquid version of Sweep Snake™ can be mixed in water and sprayed on the area to be protected from snakes.  

Guys lets grab organic Sweep Snake™ and protect your premises from snakes.