Animal Care Division

India has the world’s biggest livestock population, which makes us the world’s largest milk producer too. Apart from that, we are leading meat and egg producer. The health and productivity of livestock and birds are adversely affected by ectoparasite infection. Ectoparasites are harmful insects like ticks, mites, fleas etc. They suck blood, degrade health, productivity and cause the spread of harmful diseases. They can cause animal mortality.

Worldwide several chemical pesticides are being used to control ectoparasites and diseases caused by them. Studies have proved that, an alarming level of chemical pesticide present in animal origin food sources. These chemicals reach up to our food plate.

To avoid chemical conspiracy, we have invented ‘GochidGo’. It is an organic and environmentally friendly product.GochidGo is a useful and effective product that keeps animal/bird free from harmful ectoparasites as well as pesticides.

There are three variants of GochidGo :

1. GochidGo (L) for Livestock,

2. GochidGo (P) for Poultry and

3. GochidGo (PET) for Pets.