Farmers Training Program: Kasara

On 12th March, Farmer's training program on organic farming for sustainable agriculture was organized by Kasarekar Farmer Club at Kasara. Mr. Abhay Desale and Gokul Pardeshi felicitated Dr. Patil.

To encourage organic farming among the farmers, Dr. Satilal Patil was invited to host the training and encourage farmers to adapt eco-friendly organic farming and improve the technical know-how of those who have already taken it up. For this training program, almost 80 attendees were present. Dr. Satilal Patil while conducting the training, while conducting focus on promoting a switch to organic farming and also added to shift from dependency on pesticides and other chemicals. He explained how these chemicals and pesticides have robbed the soil of its nutrients.

Dr. Satilal Patil also shared the knowledge exercise for organic farmers. He focused on the sharing of ideas and skills on organic farming and sustainable agriculture. He covered many important topics like organic practices, how is the present economic structure of agriculture. Also, explain its future trends in agriculture. He also added by throwing light on financial management and marketing tactics. This lecture training motivated many farmers to follow his footsteps for organic farming.